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Thread: Issues configuring Pentaho pdi 4.3 db connection with hadoop - hive instances

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    Default Issues configuring Pentaho pdi 4.3 db connection with hadoop - hive instances

    I am having issues getting PDI 4.3.0 configured to work with my instances of Hadoop and Hive. Here are my specifics....

    1) hadoop-0.20.2-cdh3u4
    2) hive-0.7.1-cdh3u4
    3) PDI 4.3.0

    I have followed a few guides on getting this setup. Here are the steps I have followed.

    1) Copied hadoop-core-0.20.2-cdh3u4.jar to <install dir>/data-integration/libext/bigdata/

    2) Copied guava-r09-jarjar to <install dir>/data-integration/libext/bigdata/

    3) Have the following jar files in <install dir>\data-integration\libext\bigdata\hive

    I then started PDI.

    I went to new Database Connection window. I picked Hadoop Hive, gave the connection a name, provided the host name (my-server-host-name), database name (default), port number (9000) and selected Native (JDBC) from the Access pane.

    Currently I get the following error:

    Error connecting to database: (using class org.apache.hadoop.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver);

    Please help.

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    Make sure you remove the hadoop-core-0.20.2.jar we ship in libext/bigdata. I'm guessing it's still there.

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