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Thread: How can I set condition on clickability of a line chart??

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    Default How can I set condition on clickability of a line chart??

    Can I also set condition on the clickability of line chart..
    I am making a dashboard having different levels. When I click on a line chart of one level, it trigger the next level. I want to set off the clickability of the line chart of the next level based on a condition of the current level. Or if we could make a condition that if the parameter that is to be passed by click action contains the same value as that of the current level then it should not trigger the next level.

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    It's javascript, you can define wherever logic you want in the clickAction function
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    You can change it using javascript. If you use firebug or any other web tool you can see the script code generated for pentaho. Each componenent it´s a script variable called render_<name of your component>. If you want to change the clickable property to true or false you can do it change the property:

    render_<name of your component>.chartDefinition.clickable = flase

    You can change it in the clickAction function.

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