hello, i'm new in field of BI , i'm trying to build a cube with schema workbench.
i have a snowflake schema on my datawarehouse because i'm doing a geoBI system, and some tables have latitude/longitude informations. For exemple i have a fact table "tf_sales" and dimension "customer" , the table "customer" is connected with a table "adress" and adress with table "municipality" and minicipality with table "county".
so in schema workbench we can just add a one join between customer and adress. how can i access to municipality and county. how can i add another join.
in mondrian documentation, they show that it's possible in xml, but they dont talk about schema workbench !!

in the case that it's not possible, i want to write my schema with xml with notepad for exemple, how can i load this xml file in the interface of pentaho business analytics ?

thank you for reading.

Redhouane. CH