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Thread: How to read information from a job with the Java API?

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    Question How to read information from a job with the Java API?

    I'm quit new with the concept to run transformations and jobs using Java API, so please bare with my dummy questions.

    I find many manuals telling me how to do the result reading when I'm running transformation, but none, how to do that, when I'm running a job containing subtransformations.

    My actual problem is, that I have a job, which I run from my Java program.(that works fine). But I need to transfer some parameters from my program to the Job started from the program and
    use them in one of the jobs subtransformations. I also need to read data from one of the jobs subtransformation step to get the data back to my program.

    When I'm using transformation, the parameters are read to the transformation and resultset is coming back from the transformation nicely. So how to do this parameter and result transfer in Job?

    I try to transmit these parameters straight to the subtransformation of the job started in my program, but problem was, that when I start the Job,
    the job starts the Transformation, not my program, so my javaprogram knows just the job thread, but not the subtransformation thread, so I could not create a listener to the transformation to get the result set.

    Probably somewhere is allready conversation about this topic, but I couldn't find it. I would be very thankfull, if someone could help me how to do this or give me tips, where to find more information about topic!

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    I hope this conversation, which Ifound is not true anymore:
    Because it would mean, that it is impossible to read data from a subtranscription of a job started from API!?!

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    Obviously it's easy to pass parameters to a Job with the Java API. Just define some named parameters and set them, that's all there is to it.

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