I am Rejin and i am new to Business Intelligence and Pentaho. I created a data warehouse in MySQL and done some
  • ETL jobs and transformations and updated the data warehouse using Pentaho data integration 4.2.1.
  • Designed a OLAP cube using schema workbench and published the cube to the bi server.
  • Created some dashboards using pentaho Community Dashboard editor.

and i am able to analyse the published cube.

Now i am trying to build the source code of Pentaho BI server 3.9.0 from the SVN repository

on ubuntu 10.04, i am trying to build the source but results in too many errors.I configured all the environmental variables
such as for JAVA_HOME, ANT and other tools needed for building source based on reference from

Is repository contains code with errors or we have to manually fix the errors?
where can i find error free code

Please help.

Many Thanks in Advance.