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Thread: Loading data from a file in real time basis in a table

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    Default Loading data from a file in real time basis in a table


    We want to load out apache web log files in a relational DB (msql). We are using mysql bul uplaod of the penntho for the same. Currently we are running a job at end of each day to load that days file.

    Will it be possible to load the file on real time basis (something like tail -f) , which is job is running and loads data in the table whenever there is a new row appended to the file.

    Any pointer will be appreciated.

    Hemant Jain

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    This is most certainly possible even though you would have to write said "tail -f" algorithm.
    It's harder than it sounds since most loggers switch files and so on.

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    Why didn't you use the "mod_log_sql" module for your apache instance? This one will allow you to log your apache straight to a database instead of the classic logfile - in realtime.

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