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Thread: Simple xml file read and return

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    Default Simple xml file read and return


    I am new to Kettle and am having a LOT of problems getting started. My goal is just to read in a small xml file and post its contents to a website while passing through its authentication challenge. the xml message ellicits a xml response which I'd then like to save as an xml file.

    My first obstacle is getting a successful login to the web site. It works using a Firefox Poster extension and a small java app I've built but I can't figure out how to do it Via the Spoon application. Using the Http Client, I can elicit various http error responses, but using a HTTP Post - which I think is the more appropriate object - my database throes a java heap error. The site is a web accessible java-based database.

    I was wondering what are the appropriate objects to use to do this simple transformation?

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    If it's only one call you want to make, Kettle seems to be overkill.
    But sure you can do what you want with a job, I think.
    Try the HTTP job entry in the File Management folder of the Spoon design tree.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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