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Thread: KettleEnvironment, pentaho API: do I need to manually load licenses

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    Default KettleEnvironment, pentaho API: do I need to manually load licenses

    I was trying to remotely launch a job saved on the Enterprise Repository, using pentaho java API.
    (previous threads: Enterprise Repository connection API and Do I need a license to connect with enterprise repository via pentaho java api?)
    I was getting an exception concerning the lack of the enterprise Hadoop license. This exception has been logged on the local consol, during the execution of the java code, and also has been logged inside the stdout log of the tomcat data integration server, that received the request.

    At this moment I do have the enterprise hadoop license and I have installed it, as confirmed by the .installedLicenses.xml, that now contains this new license entry.
    So, now I have installed the following licenses:
    - Pentaho Analysis Enterprise Edition
    - Pentaho BI Platform Enterprise Edition
    - Pentaho Dashboard Designer
    - Pentaho PDI Enterprise Edition
    - Hadoop Enterprise Edition

    After restarting the computer and the data-integration-server I ran the program again. Now I don't see exceptions anymore on the server log (which would suggest that something has changed), but i still obtain an exception on the excetution of main method:

    Exception in thread "main" org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException: 
    com.pentaho.commons.dsc.c: license missing, invalid, or expired
    license missing, invalid, or expired
        at org.pentaho.di.repository.pur.PurRepository.connect(SourceFile:307)
        at com.ExecuteGenericJob.main(
    Caused by: com.pentaho.commons.dsc.c: license missing, invalid, or expired
    The exception occurs executing the instruction: repository.connect("joe", "password");
    Both at system level, both in the Run options, I properly set the PENTAHO_INSTALLED_LICENSE_PATH variable to the .installedLicenses.xml.

    Now I wonder:
    is there something I have to do (programmatically, in my code) to load locally all required licenses? Something I have to write in my java class, maybe after the KettleEnvironment.init(); ?

    Thanks to all.
    (to see the java code I use, please see the first post here Enterprise Repository connection API)

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    I answer to myself. See my comment on for the answer.

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