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Thread: Calculated Members issue

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    Default Calculated Members issue

    Hi Community,

    I have a question concerning the possibilities of calculating members while executing a mdx-query. In my data-cube there is a dimension called persons with a hieracrhie called title. Title is sth. like Mr, Mrs, but also Mr. Dc or Mrs. Prof and also Comp (company). Not I want to aggregate all my entries to the three group Man/Women and Company and calculate how many persons of every group exist inside my data-table.

    I already tried to achieve this wit a calculated member as follows:
     MEMBER [Measures].[Man] AS 
       sum(filter([Persons.Title].Children, left([Persons.Title].CurrentMember.Name, 2) = "Mr"))
     MEMBER [Measures].[Women] AS 
       sum(filter([Persons.Title].Children, left([Persons.Title].CurrentMember.Name, 3) = "Mrs"))
     MEMBER [Measures].[Company] AS 
       sum(filter([Persons.Title].Children, left([Persons.Title].CurrentMember.Name, 4) = "Comp"))
    select {[Measures].[Man], [Measures].[Women], [Measures].[Company]} on columns
    from [Persons]
    To determine if a given entry belongs to group, I try extract the substring "Mr" from the title, if this fails I try extracting "Mrs" and if this fails too it might be a company.
    The following is the output I recieve:
    Axis #0:
    Axis #1:
    Row #0: 17,155
    Row #0: 4,163
    Row #0: 897
    That works so far as it gives me the aggregated number of all the groups but since there is no row-data I am not able to print these data inside a pieChart or any other.

    Do you have any idea how I can achieve this aim?
    Thanks in advance
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    I got it. I defined the member as hierarchy of the dimension persons to add on rows, the number of persons as measure on columns.

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    OK... it works - more or less reliable. But I wonder if it is possible to add a calculated member to a hierarchy. This would be nicer since man or women has nothing to do with the dimension person but with its hierarchy gender.

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