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Thread: Linux ODBC Driver for MS Access

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    Default Linux ODBC Driver for MS Access

    We are attempting to convert a process that uses MS Access databases from a Windows batch process over to the Pentaho system but have run into a snag. In order to properly access the Access database, we need an ODBC driver which allows us to define the MDB as well as the MDW file (this is the MS Access workgroup file for those who are not familiar). This can easily be done when using the Windows ODBC driver and as such we can run the process locally, but we have thus far been unsuccessful in finding an ODBC driver for Linux so we can run the process off of our Enterprise Repository. I've already been through support and they were unable to find a driver, but I wanted to check with the community before decide to keep the process setup as a Windows batch process.

    The only driver we tried so far is from EasySoft ( but this driver does not support the use of MDW files (which is required in order for this process to work). If anyone has any information on other MS Access ODBC drivers for Linux, we would greatly appreciate it.

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    Admittedly I've done this last year on a 32 bit windoze machine and I didn't have to use the mdw workgroupfile.
    But I managed to connect to a access database using the jdbc-odbc bridge (rt.jar) with the following:

    connection type --> generic database
    custom connection url --> jdbc: odbc: DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (* mdb).};DBQ=<path to mdb file>;SystemDB=<path to mdw file >
    custom driver class name --> sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver

    I have tested again, however it only works with kettle 3.2, it doesn't work with later versions of kettle.
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    Hi mario,

    Can you please say what was the problem with later version of Kettle than 3.2?
    Because i m using Kettle 4.4.0 and using MS Access want to use the tables, but i m not able to do.

    Can anyone help me..


    - Nirav Maisuriya
    Open Source BI Developer

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    Done with the Access Connection!

    Forget to create a System DSN for the database file.


    - Nirav Maisuriya
    Open Source BI Developer

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