I'm doing an update (one column) in a Vertica table using the Update Step. I'm using the Vertica 4.1 JDBC driver since PDI cannot use the 6.0 driver due to a change in the driver name (see http://forums.pentaho.com/showthread...hlight=Vertica).

As a test, I am updating a single field for each row within an 11,000 row table. With 'Use batch updates' selected its only updating at about 24 rows/sec (when not selected its 12 rows/sec). Table output is used to initially populate the table and the transform runs in 1.2sec.

I had expected Vertica to be faster than MYSQL (which performed this at about 119 rows/sec) since vertica just marks rows deleted, then inserts new rows for the update.

Anyone else have experience using update with Vertica?