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Thread: Virtual cube MondrianException

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    Default Virtual cube MondrianException

    Hi guys,

    when designing my application of a booking-report I created a cube including two dimensions: the bookings themselfes and the users. As the underlying tables have many attributes that I do not want to add in one single table, I normalised the booking-table by extracting the user-information to another table referred by a userID. When joining both together via a virtual cube I wanted to reuse the measures of both dimension but here comes the error: allthough there is a measure - let´s call it bookings - inside the booking-dimension and a measure users inside user-dimension, I cannot reuse them in the virtual cube.
    Here is a cut-off of my data-cube:
    <Schema name="Test">
        <Cube name="Bookings" cache="true" enabled="true">
            <Table name="bookings" schema="public">
            <Dimension type="StandardDimension" foreignKey="fid" highCardinality="false" name="FZ">
            <Dimension type="StandardDimension" foreignKey="rid" highCardinality="false" name="reservations">
            <Measure name="Number Bookings" column="pidn" datatype="Integer" aggregator="count" visible="true">
        <VirtualCube enabled="true" name="Bookings Users">
            <VirtualCubeDimension cubeName="Bookings" foreignKey="rid" highCardinality="false" name="reservations">
            <VirtualCubeDimension cubeName="Bookings" foreignKey="fid" highCardinality="false" name="FZ">
            <VirtualCubeMeasure cubeName="Bookings" name="Number Bookings" visible="true">
    Where rid and fid are the IDs used in the dimension-tables of bookings resp. users.

    When connecting to this cube I allways get the following exception:
    Exception: Mondrian Error:Internal error: could not find measure 'Number Bookings' in cube 'Bookings'
    On the other hand, when I perform a query on the real-cube, the following:
    select [Measures].[Number Bookings] on columns,
    [FZ.Type].Children on rows
    from [Bookings]
    I recieve no errors but a complete table of my table as demanded so the measure exists inside the cube allthough the mentioned error claims sth. different.

    How can I achieve using the measures from my real-world cube inside the virtaul cube?

    This issue is referred to Schema Workbench 3.2.1.
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    OK, I answer my own question by just linking to another thread I just found on this forum for all those who run into the same issue. Adding the key-word [Measures] to the name-attribute of the virtaul measure resolved this problem.
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