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Thread: understanding parameters

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    Lightbulb understanding parameters

    Hi All,

    I have created basic dashboards and looks good till now.

    Now I have added parameters for run time analysis. Here is what I did :

    1. Added simple parameter. name = "noofdays"
    2. Created a Select Component, daysselect. added to a panel.
    3. Create a value array. values are : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. corresponding arg is same for array values.
    4. created "sql over sqlJdbc" component. Added all required values. Creates a simple query.
    5. created a bar chart for the query in #4. Worked like a charm
    6. Nof in "sql over sqlJdbc" component, used the parameter like below ("noofdays" is visible in parameters on the

    SELECT `a1`,count(`a2`)
    FROM `app_crd`
    WHERE `a3`='RECV'
    and `a4`='CONDITION'
    and where DATE_SUB(CURDATE(),INTERVAL ${noofdays} DAY) <= `datecolumn`
    group by `a1`

    When i check my logs, I see that ${noofdays} return null.

    How do i get the correct value?


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    Do you put your parameter in the chart's params and in the sql query params ?
    Alexandre Guglielmini, Devsys-inf2001 Programmer Analyst

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    I suggest taking a look at the CDE tutorials. there is a sticky for them.
    You can download the first 2 chapters for free and it will give you a great start !

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexgug View Post
    Do you put your parameter in the chart's params and in the sql query params ?
    This worked. Added the paramater to chat param. Then their value become available to sql query.

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    Is value as Id set on the select? Is noofdays set as the parameter for the select? Other thing you can try is to do a query against dual, with id,value (2 columns) with [1,1], [2,2] etc.

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