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Thread: Module with ReportPreProcessor

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    Question Module with ReportPreProcessor

    I have written a new ReportPreProcessor and I would like to make it available in PRD. I have created a new module according to
    this guide
    Result is: I doesnt get loaded. I can't see anything in prd.log

    Here is what I have done so far:
    I have bundled my ReportPreProcessor in a jar file and put it in the lib-folder of prd.
    The jar file contains a in its root. That file contains

    I also have a XxxModule class with:
        public void initialize(SubSystem arg0) throws ModuleInitializeException {
    In the folder where my ReportPreProcessor class resides, the jar contains a file named
    meta-report-preprocessors.xml which looks like this
    <meta-data xmlns="">  <pre-processor"
                     expert="false" hidden="false" preferred="false">
                     <property name="abc"/>
    and also a file called which contains

    Code: Processor
    whate else am I missing?


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    The config-file in the root must have any the well-known prefix:

    so your file should look like:
    The engine searches for keys with the known prefix and checks the value for whether it is a module class. If it is, we load it. We do not check randomly all keys that may or may not exist, as this might have weird and unintended side-effects (apart from being slow like hell).
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