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Thread: hasAll=false

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    Default hasAll=false

    Can somebody explain the hasAll. When it is best to set it to true?


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    From the Documentation:
    3.3.2 The 'all' member

    By default, every hierarchy contains a top level called '(All)', which contains a single member called '(All {hierarchyName})'. This member is parent of all other members of the hierarchy, and thus represents a grand total. It is also the default member of the hierarchy; that is, the member which is used for calculating cell values when the hierarchy is not included on an axis or in the slicer. The allMemberName and allLevelName attributes override the default names of the all level and all member.

    If the <Hierarchy> element has hasAll="false", the 'all' level is suppressed. The default member of that dimension will now be the first member of the first level; for example, in a Time hierarchy, it will be the first year in the hierarchy. Changing the default member can be confusing, so you should generally use hasAll="true".

    The <Hierarchy> element also has a defaultMember attribute, to override the default member of the hierarchy:
    <Dimension name="Time" type="TimeDimension" foreignKey="time_id">
    <Hierarchy hasAll="false" primaryKey="time_id" defaultMember="[Time].[1997].[Q1].[1]"/>
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    thanks. I understand this part. But my question is more of: why would someone wants to set hasAll=false if they can use something like [Dim].[All].children? Does it make sense to set hasAll=false for parent-child hierarchy? How come if I set hasAll=false mondrian is executing more sql queries than hasAll=true?

    somebody have tried running descendants([Dim].[Hier]) where Hier is a parent-child hierarchy and hasAll=false? I was never successful to see it work in jpivot, it always give an error.

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