I faced a problem while working with an excel output report with a subreport included in the report footer section of main report.Though my sheet 1 of excel output was perfectly displayed, the subreport had a problem.The problem was that a huge gap or in other words a row with huge width occurred after the data in subreport.Adding to this problem the contents of the page footer in the main report that was supposed to be displayed in the second sheet also disappeared from the second sheet though it was properly displayed in the first sheet even though the page breaks were properly applied.

Solution: I included the subreport inside a band which I had placed in the main report's report footer.Plus i also included the page footer contents of the subreport within a band and placed the band in the subreport page footer.Also so me hit and trial was required with the band contents which may vary from report to report eg:- variation in x and y coordinates,visibilty etc.