I have set-up Report Designer 3.8.3 and have successfully connected to both Oracle and SQL Server 2005 databases. I have a query that takes a bit of time to process but times out. I know the query works because I can run it directly in SQL Server Management Studio...it takes about 30 minutes though (using New Query button). I just get a failed query error in RD when I run the same query. I am assuming it is a timeout error. It seems like it is timing out after 30 seconds. Is there a way of setting the timeout in the jndi connection info. Here is what I am currently using:

I have looked all over the place for timeout settings re SQL Server but my default settings are 0 (unlimited). Settings looked at:
Tools > options > Query Execution > SQL Server > Execution Timeout > 0
Tools > options > Designers > Override connect string time-out value for table designer updates (checked) > Transaction timeout 2400s
Server > Properties > Connections > Allow remote connections to this server (checked) > Remote Query timout > 0 (no timeout)

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.