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Thread: PRD Trunk 4.0 - Column/Cell Alignment Crosstab

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    Default PRD Trunk 4.0 - Column/Cell Alignment Crosstab

    Hi All / Taqua,

    I was trying the 4.0 trunk for the new crosstab functionality. Alignment difficulties still persist. I am guessing it my not understanding how PRD distributes the content. Taqua, could you provide some detailed pointers on how to align correctly?

    Further, could you enlighten as how to include charts against the crosstab query (mdx..).

    Many thanks... I really appreciate the effort in 4.0....

    Kind regards.

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    Oh, alignments and relative/percentage sizing will be broken for the next two or three weeks while I rewrite these parts of the layouter to actually work with tables.
    PRD creates col-span and row-span table-cells, and once everything is in place, you can use your normal element alignments, relative sizes and everything else you know from ordinary canvas-reports. Style- and attribute-expressions do not work either in crosstabs for now.

    For charting: First, use denormalized MDX for everything. And to make charts filter according to the column-dimension, set the column-dimension's group name as "crosstab-filter-group" in your data-collector. Once PRD-4057 is finished, the engine will set that property automatically based on your chart-element's position in the report. But for now, for the early days, you have to do that manually.
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