I downloaded and installed the the Mondrian 3.4.1 stable community release with the embedded derby database instance. I have many of the examples up and running on a local tomcat instance, but I cannot get the XMLA examples to work, and I am unable to communicate with the XMLA endpoint using xmla4js (http://code.google.com/p/xmla4js/ the discover-schema-rowsets example allows you to specify a url to hit, which for my local instance is localhost:8080/mondrian/xmla).

I have edited the 'datasources.xml' file as found here: http://pentahodave.mywebcommunity.org/#Apache7

The xmlaTest.jsp produces the same error as the one found at the bottom of the page, but the .class link no longer works, and I am not configured to build the source locally yet.

So my question is two-fold: Is there a way to get the xmlaTest.jsp to work without a local build and what else can I do to get xmla4js to talk to Mondrian?