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Thread: Question about multiple datasources in a report

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    Default Question about multiple datasources in a report

    I have a question about adding multiple datasources to a single report / sub-report.

    When i add a datasource, that does some SQL on a database (say DB1),
    How can i add one more query from the same DB to the same report ?

    If i add one more query on the same DB1 as a separate datasource, i lose values that were fetched from the first query.

    Is there a way to successfully add multiple queries from a sinle DB to a single report (without using another subreport) ?


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    The reasoning that is followed is pretty straight forward. you can only have 1 active datasource to show data from in 1 report (or 1 query per sub report).
    because if you need to use more than 1 query the things you are combining do not belong together (else you could just join/include them in the first query...).
    if you need data from multiple sources or want to combine stuff that does not belong together you will need to use a sub report.

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