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Thread: Trouble connecting to Google BigQuery jdbc

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    Default Trouble connecting to Google BigQuery jdbc

    I am trying to use starschema-bigquery-jdbc to connect to BigQuery and when I put the jar file in administration-console/jdbc/ PAC crashes on start up.
    Part of the error message is "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.mortbay.jetty.Request.getUserRealm pentaho"

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    I just discovered your problem, the solution is:
    1. download the Standalone version of the driver from the project homepage:
    Please note that this version doesn't have any kind of dependency included in it, so you'll have to find the dependencies.
    2. download the dependencies made for Kettle from:

    Then put the JDBC jar into:

    then extract the dependencies jar under:
    depending which version of kettle you're running

    I tested it with the latest 4.4.0 version of Kettle

    I also made a wiki entry:

    If you have further problems, please use the Issues page on google code.
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    Quote Originally Posted by benslinkard View Post
    Starschema's high performance Google bigquery JDBC Driver provides methods for querying and updating data in a Google BigQuery database.
    Sadly bigquery doesn't support updates, so the JDBC also not able to update data.
    Also you can't load data into bigquery through JDBC because the JAVA API is not designed for that.

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