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Thread: Not able to even preview (metadata datasource)

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    Default Not able to even preview (metadata datasource)

    Hi all,

    I've created a metadata xmi file with the metadata editor and I've loaded it with the report designer. Everything is correct in the metadata schema but when I try to make a report, even if I just put to preview the field year with a condition where year=2008 and with group by year, the report designer freezes while paginating at 0%, the process of MySQL (mysqld.exe) goes crazy and starts using 99% CPU and it just freezes in that moment. After that if I cancel the paginating, mysqld.exe keeps making the query on the database and I have to restart the services if I have intention of keep working.

    Does anybody have idea of how to solve this??

    Thanks in advance,


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    Check the SQL that your query creates. I would say it tries to get a large amount of data, and your database or your metadata schema is probably badly organized for the query you are asking. Check that you have proper indexes on your foreign-key relationships etc.

    The report designer can only process a report when it has data for it, so if your database does not answer, we wait. And wait. And wait ..
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    Thanks man, the problem I had was that some primary keys where missing :S Now its all working perfect ^^

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