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Thread: output the pdf file with chinese characters

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    Default output the pdf file with chinese characters

    Hello everyone ,
    I have use the pentaho report designer 3.0.0 , and the pentaho-reporting-engine-classic- , now I am using the pentaho report designer to design the report , and then publish it to local computer to generate the xml file , at last import the xml file in my program .
    Now I have a question about the output of pdf.There is chinese character in my report ,I can see them in the report , and it is all right when output to another file.But when I output the pdf file , these chinese can't been showed.I have set the output-pageable-pdf of configuration,i set the EnbedFonts=true and Encoding=Identity-H , but it is useless.
    I know that ,pentaho report use the itext to generate pdf file ,i also take in the itextasia.jar,and i used the itext.jar and itextasia.jar can output the pdf file with chinese.
    so ,how can i output the pdf file with chinese?Is there someone who can help me ?

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    in the class of PdfLogicalPageDrawable which in the package of,wo can set my own BaseFont , for example BaseFont bfChinese = BaseFont.createFont("STSongStd-Light","UniGB-UCS2-H", false); but there is a problem is that all of the chinese character are cluster together , how can i deal with it?

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