I am a newbie to Pentaho. Am trying to develop a chart using pentaho designer that my application can display in the UI. Facing a few issues though..

I was trying with XY Line chart..

In pentaho report designer i created a new report and then the datasource config with my query defined. Then dragged a chart object into my report header.
I am supposed to plot a chart that shows the price trends of commodities over the years

My query output is something like this.

Commodity Price Year
======== ==== ===
Paper 100 1990
Glass 110 1990
Pen 45 1990
Paper 150 1995
Glass 110 1995
Pen 65 1995

Set the x-value-columns as "Year" and y-value-columns as "Price" and the series-by-fields as "Commodity".

Now when i try to preview i get a chat that i wished to see, but if i change the value in my database, the changes are not reflected in my previews. Is shows the chart for the data that i had in my DB when i created the chart report.

What do i do for this?

Then thought of trying it in the server container, so saved the chart as .prpt put in jboss as a war. Wrote a servlet that i got from the net to load the .prpt, but what i got is a blank page. no data or no report... How do i make them appear in my application?

The servlet doGet() method contains the foll ----

ResourceManagermanager = new ResourceManager();
Resource res = manager.createDirectory(new URL("file:"+this.getServletContext().getRealPath("chartReport.prpt")), MasterReport.class);
MasterReport rep = (MasterReport)res.getResource();
HtmlReportUtil.createStreamHtml(rep, response.getOutputStream());

Am i doing something wrong over here.. Please help....