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Thread: denorm in Report Designer

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    Default denorm in Report Designer


    I know that denormalizing rows is possible in Kettle.

    But since PRD cannot be combined with Kettle - repository mode, I am going to re-create my report in PRD.

    Is there a way to denorm rows in PRD ? or does PRD always expect ready-to-use data for the report, with the exception of some function/calculation options.

    My data looks like this

    date member_type count
    2012-11-15 ADULT 3
    2012-11-15 PARENT 2
    2012-11-15 CHILD 3
    2012-11-16 CHILD 1
    2012-11-17 PARENT 2
    2012-11-17 CHILD 1

    I want to split the member_type column, and create 3 separate columns for the member_types, and have the respective counts in those columns.

    I'm guessing this should be done in the query itself, and cannot be done in PRD.. Is that right ?

    Thanks !

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    You can use the Kettle-datasource in PRD to run KTR files. To export an existing transformation as KTR, use Spoon

    It will be possible to do this normalization in PRD via crosstabs when we release PRD-4.0 in April.
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