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Thread: Pies are "gravity" aware

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    Default Pies are "gravity" aware

    I realized pie charts are aware of gravity, so to speak. I mean, if there are two values represented, the higher number balances the charts towards it. Is really awkward when trying to make a dashboard constant, since numbers in the pie charts are slanted all over the place.

    Is there a way of stopping this from happening?

    In the attached image, you can see what I'm talking about. The transparent arrow shows the direction the pie is rotated, and is more pronounced when the difference between one value and the other are higher.

    Many thanks for your help

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    Well, I fixed the most disturbing (Red in image above) by using pie_startAngle = function(d) {d * Math.PI} extension point. But if I do the same to the others, they break down.

    Any ideas ?

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