This is a huge milestone. Webdetails and Pentaho worked together to implement a Marketplace to the BI server. Will Gorman, VP of Engineering of Pentaho already had the chance to blog about this, but it's such a big deal that we want to do as much noise as possible.

There's also an equivalent effort for the kettle marketplace, but I'll focus on the platform side. The marketplace comes with the released version of Pentaho CE 4.8, available from sourceforge.


The goals are simple:

  • Allow pentaho users to get in contact to what plugins exist
  • Provide a very simple way to install/maintain plugins
  • Get more users / feedback around existing plugins
  • Motivate new community contributions

For someone that is not familiar with the concept of pentaho plugins, he'll be surprised about the quantity - and quality - of some of them.

My hope is even that the marketplace can render ctools-installer obsolete, even if we absolutely plan to maintain it.

How to use it

We've put a lot of effort to make it a straightforward task. Basically run through the UI, and the tasks are what you'd expect

Launch the Marketplace

See the list of available/installed plugins

Check details on specific plugins

Install it

Reboot, and you're done

Report any issues you find

Can't get any simpler. If you find any issues, please report them

Do you want to contribute your own plugin?

Please do! See the instructions on Github for the marketplace-metadata project. As a side note, the Marketplace itself is a plugin, and the code available at github too. You can also get in contact with me or any of the vibrating community that's building this tools.

Installing the Marketplace in a older Pentaho version

Even if you don't have the latest and greatest version of pentaho, you can still benefit from the Marketplace. Just manually download the plugin from CI (choose your favorite flavor, tgz or zip) and drop it in your pentaho-solutions/system directory.