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Thread: Line chart not displaying the correct flow of data.

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    Default Line chart not displaying the correct flow of data.

    Hi All,

    I have a line chart that shows the sales value within a date range for a particular product. Here is the MDX query for that.

    select {[Measures].[Sales]} ON COLUMNS,
    {([Time].[Date].[2010-01-01] : [Time].[Date].[2010-01-10])} ON ROWS
    from [SampleCube]
    where [Product].[Category].[Product Name0]

    On certain dates, there is no sales for the product and the chart should look like.
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    which I am getting in Saiku.
    However, this is not what I get in JPivot/Dash Board.

    In dash board what I am getting is a 0-value-excluded line chart like this
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    What am I supposed to do to get the desired line chart?
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    null =/= 0 I like the fact they do not show data for those points!
    you can do a coalesceEmpty to return 0 on those points.


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    we don't consider null values to be zero. Add a calculated measure with [Measures].[Sales] + 0
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    Got it, thank you

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