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Thread: Formula step won't pass the results to the next step

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    Default Formula step won't pass the results to the next step


    I was going through the Pentaho Data Integration beginner's guide and I was doing an exercise. It included the use of a formula step that calculates the fields from the input.

    I do believe that I was able to put in the correct details and correct formulas for each field (dividing the field by 20) but when I try to direct the output to a dummy, it shows the fields but not the answers. it shows blank cells on the fields that I just calculated and I am not sure why is that.

    I am sure the input source file is good because I clicked the show contents and it does have the contents. The log message does not help either which is "ERROR (version 4.4.0-GA, build 17542 from 2012-11-01 20.06.29 by buildguy) : Errors detected!"

    I have my files attached and the source



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    In your first formula step you read an integer field (writing = 81) and divide it by 20 (4.05).
    You name the result "writing" - Kettle internally names it "writing_1" to avoid complications.
    And now you choose to copy the value to an existing field "writing", instead of adding "writing_1" to the output field list.
    Too bad, the value of "writing_1" requires a Number field type, while "writing" is of type Integer.
    Just change the field type from Integer to Number in your Text File Input step and merrily hop along.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Thanks for the help!

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