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Thread: BA Server source code migration to GitHub

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    Default BA Server source code migration to GitHub

    Dear Pentaho Community,

    We're very excited today to announce some upcoming changes at Pentaho which we hope will make your lives as community developers much easier. Over a year ago several developers started advocating a transition away from Subversion to Git for our source code management. We started small with one Sprint team working with two projects hosted on We came away with a good impression. Since then we've seen Mondrian, Pentaho Big Data, and the CTools projects all make the transition. Today we're announcing the migration of many of the remaining BA Server projects over to Git, hosted on (

    Why are we migrating to Git? There a several reasons which have prompted this change. Repository integrity, developer productivity, and sophisticated workflows are all great points on their own. You, the community, is one of the largest reasons. provides us an unparalleled platform for engaging with community developers.

    What does this mean to you? It's about to become a lot easier to be involved with Pentaho's source code. With our move to GitHub, you'll be able to contribute to BA Server projects the same way you would with any GitHub project: fork the repository, commit your changes, and issue a pull request.

    When is this going to happen? For some projects, it already has. Last night we switched the BA Server build jobs over to the repositories on GitHub. The old Subversion projects have been moved to archive locations to prevent accidental check-ins. There are still some projects not under active development which will remain in Subversion for now. These remaining projects will make the migration to Git on an as-needed basis.

    A wiki page has been set up to help track the migration [1]. You'll find the old Subversion project listed along with their new locations on GitHub. Additionally, there's a list of upcoming migrations and an estimated migration date.

    We're very excited about this transition and very much look forward to working with you all. If you have any questions feel free to post them here.

    With that, go out and Fork our repositories!

    - The Pentaho Development Team


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    Will we still be able to provide patches via JIRA?

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    nbaker Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by gutlez View Post
    Will we still be able to provide patches via JIRA?
    We still require a Jira case, but the patch should be submitted as a pull-request through GitHub. Reference the Jira case in the request and update the case with a link to the pull-request when done.

    I apologize if this seems like a lot of extra overhead, but it will actually help raise the visibility of patches to our developers. We normally wouldn't see your Jira cases until assigned to review them.


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