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Thread: CCC2 - bugs or handling error - ColorAxis, BulletRanges

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    Default CCC2 - bugs or handling error - ColorAxis, BulletRanges

    Hi CCCTools Team,

    I couldn't wait so I started to work with CCC2. As I'm trying to work with it, I found these problems(Pentaho 4.5, Firefox 17.0.1):

    1. Bar chart - Attribute "colorAxis" should be numeric value. Usually Pentaho uses Hex code or RGB. How to define color with numeric value?
    2. Bullet chart - Attribute "bulletRanges" in the previous version - values were added through popup with Arg. In the new version I can write only in the line - tried to use the same syntax as in 1.version ["0.25","0.5","0.75","1.0"] and this values are not accepted(all components are not shown).

    PS: Is better to create separate threads for issues or to group all in 1 thread?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Hi, thanks for trying the new CCC2.

    1. The "colorAxis" property is the number of the "color axis" that the main plot should use. In CCCv2, it is possible to use more than one color axis/scale: one for the main plot, another for the "plot2" plot, and yet another for the "trend" plot. Anyway, the main plot always has colorAxis = 1, and thus this property should not be exposed through CDE - it will be removed.
    What you probably want is the "colors" property, an array property where you can specify the list of colors of the first color axis ().
    Each color is a string with a syntax as described in: Color String Format

    2. In fact, inadvertently, the type of the property "bulletRanges" has changed, in CDE, from "Array" to "String"; we will fix this as soon as possible.

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    Hi Duarte.leao,

    thanks for reply. My colorAxis works now!

    Another issue from CCC2: The order of advanced attributes is different if you have a component from deployed dashboard in comparison to component created in new dashboard.
    It is not prio 1, but I propose that many users know attributes they want to change - and I started to work with Ctrl+F .
    Currently working with the old CCC Version, hopefully will get also CCC2 installed in other environment. Looking forward to work with new charts.

    Best rgds,

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