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Thread: CCC2 Framework / Dynamic chart Title

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    Default CCC2 Framework / Dynamic chart Title

    Hi all

    What a great job on the last CCC framework, very nice improvements !!!

    Actually working with CCC2 (I'm refering to this post )

    I have to dynamically change titles of charts depending on selected elements name (same situation as in the quoted post).

    After adaptation to CCC2 syntax the functions described in the post I can't achieve to have setParameterValue function working properly.

    OnclickAction function of the first chart of my dashboard :

    Dashboards.log("Clic sur " + scene.vars.category.value);
    var Top10_Title = ["Top 10 Cell for " + scene.vars.category.value];

    >> Top10Title parameter is used into 2nd chart to modify the title

    in console firebug log I have this :
    "[pvChart ERROR]: Dashboards.setParameterValue is not a function"

    As a workaround I have put a second "firechange" in the function replacing setParameterValue ... working, but quite dirty, no? ...

    Dashboards.fireChange('Top10_Title',[Top10_Title]);So, two questions :

    - Am I wrong somewhere?
    - Where can I find the available functions list ?



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    Ok, I'll reply to myself ....

    1.setParameterValue don't exists, have to be replaced by setParameter
    2.setParameter has to be before firechange in clickaction js so that all updates are done before re-generating dashboard

    Thanks to #pentaho people

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