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Thread: How to add caption expression in schema workbench?

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    Default How to add caption expression in schema workbench?

    Hi everyone. I'm using schema workbench to create a test cube and I saw the option to add the sql 'caption expression' in dimensions. So I tried to use a simple expression like
    CONCAT(Customer.Name,' ',Customer.`Name 2`)
    and it works ok, however if try to write a simple select statement like
    SELECT Name from Customer WHERE No='1'
    it doesn't, I get an error "Error Occurred While getting Resultset" in pentaho user console. Any suggestions what I am doing wrong here. Thanks in advance.

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    I solved it. In the SWB I tried to do a new mdx query to test the generated shema. When running it, I noticed I get "You have an error in your SQL syntax..." and the solution is always easy if you know it ... I took a look at the complex sql statement which was meant to be executed and noted that I need to put my
    SELECT Name from Customer WHERE No='1'
    into braces since it is actually a subquery. So making
    (SELECT Name from Customer WHERE No='1')
    solved the problem. I guess putting "caption expresssions" into braces would alway be a safe approach regardless of the coplexity of the statement. I hope this helps someone else. Thanks again.
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    Thanks a ton, you saved my

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    Hi! is possible add a parameter in that query? and how can i do it?
    thank everybody!

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