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Thread: JPivot error

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    Default JPivot error

    Hello. I am a novice. Trying to make and analyze simple cube with one dimension. My DBMS - Firebird 2.1, OS - Windows 7, BI Server 4.8.
    Here is my ER-model:
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    Later I made ​​the schema:
    <Schema name="Abonent">  
      <Cube name="Abonent_Cube" visible="true" description="Cube for Abonent data warehouse" cache="true" enabled="true">
        <Table name="SALDO">
        <Dimension type="StandardDimension" visible="true" foreignKey="ABONENT_ID" highCardinality="false" name="Abonent">
          <Hierarchy name="Abonent" visible="true" hasAll="true" primaryKey="ABONENT_ID">
            <Table name="ABONENTS">
            <Level name="Schet" visible="true" table="ABONENTS" column="LSHET" type="String" uniqueMembers="false" levelType="Regular" hideMemberIf="Never">
            <Level name="FIO" visible="true" table="ABONENTS" column="FIO" type="String" uniqueMembers="false" levelType="Regular" hideMemberIf="Never">
        <Measure name="BeginSumma" column="BEGINSUMMA" datatype="Numeric" aggregator="sum" visible="true">
        <Measure name="EndSumma" column="ENDSUMMA" datatype="Numeric" aggregator="sum" visible="true">
    Then I publish it to the BI-server and try to create a new analysis. But I get the following error
    Error Occurred While getting Resultset
    An error occurred while rendering Pivot.jsp. Please see the log for details.
    Сontents of the log-file "pentaho.log" in attachment.
    JDBC-drivers copied to "biserver-ce\tomcat\lib" and "biserver-ce\administration-console\jdbc":
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    What could be wrong? And how correctly to set "solution-path" in file console.xml, if the folder of BI-server is "C:\Program Files\Pentaho\biserver-ce\pentaho-solutions"?
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