I have used biserver-ce (biserver-ce-4.8.0-stable) and created a Mondrian xml file (and running in biserver-ce gives nice result).
When I open the file in Schema Workbench (psw-ce-3.5.0-stable), it reports errors like:

Fact table `fact_star_issue` does not exist in database schema `PentahoDB`
Column status_id defined in field primaryKey does not exist in table `dim_status`

Problem seems to be that all database schema and table names is surrounded with the grave accent character: `
When I remove this character from table names (and remove reference to the database schema `PentahoDB`) the Schema Workbench don't complain anymore.
I'm running on linux (RHEL 6.3) and using mysql database.
Any tips to what is wrong? (Maybe some configuration in biserver-ce? or Schema Workbench?)

Sten Aksel Heien