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Thread: Determine Currently Logged in Pentaho User from BIRT Report

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    Default Determine Currently Logged in Pentaho User from BIRT Report

    I have a BIRT report that I'm planning to run from inside the Pentaho bi-server. I currently have BIRT prompt for the user's username and password as a BIRT parameter. BIRT then uses those credentials to run the report.

    Is it possible for the BIRT report to detect the currently logged in pentaho user to run the report based on their credentials? This would save reporting users from having to enter their credentials before running each individual report.


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    If you are using the BIRT viewer from within the user console (if not, see tutorial), then you could use an action sequence that fetches the username and passes that on to the BIRT report.
    You will have to implement some sort of obfuscation to prevent people from just passing a different username on the url though...


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    Or, if Birt supports scripting to get values, you can use that to query the platform for the user.

    The Java/BeanShell-Code is

            final Authentication authentication = SecurityHelper.getInstance().getAuthentication();
            if (authentication == null) {
              return null;
            ITenantedPrincipleNameResolver tenantedUserNameUtils = PentahoSystem.get(ITenantedPrincipleNameResolver.class, "tenantedUserNameUtils", session);
            String userName = null;
            if(tenantedUserNameUtils != null) {
              userName = tenantedUserNameUtils.getPrincipleName(authentication.getName());
            } else {
              userName = authentication.getName();
            return userName;
    It should be relatively easy to translate that into either Groovy or JavaScript if needed.
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