I have a problem - i need to get data from my database to select component. I used the same technics as suggested at http://www.tikalk.com/alm/step-step-...oard-framework. And it`s crashes. The javaScript console display error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <

In last comment on resource mentioned that sql queries are not supported now. How can I use them? How can I get data to CDF from database?

It is very important to me to find the answer. I looked up solution about a week. Thanks

HTML Code:
<div id="unit_filter_container">
<div id="unit_filter_object">

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">    
var unitFilterId = "";
var queryDef ={        
     queryType: 'sql',
     jndi: "datasource",
     query: function(){
         var query = "SELECT dimension_key, name from unit_dim";
         return query;

unitFilter =    {
        name: "unitFilter",
        type: "select",
        valueAsId: false,
        solution: "maxxium", 
        path: "dashboards",
        queryDefinition: queryDef,
        htmlObject: "unit_filter_object",
        executeAtStart: true,
        preExecution:function() {}    

var components = [unitFilter];