Hi All,

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!
I have had a issue which i cannot resolve.

I have created a pentaho report that uses a jdbc data source (sqljdbc4.jar) defined within the report
I have tried this for both sql server 2008 and 2012 as the source and i get the following
The report works fine in Pentaho Report Designer, however when i publish it to the user console, i get the following error

"Fatal Error: Error parsing parameter information"

The report has Parameters that are also queries on the same connection
Pentaho, Java (JDK & JRE), it is all 64 bit based
I have put the sqljdbc4.jar file in every location in the pentaho directory structure that requires it (can produce the list if need be)
Im using Pentaho Report Designer V3.9.1-GA.16112, user console V4.8.0.GA.51129

I though it was a parameter issue at first, but it is because of using a JDBC connection, but how to resolve this is beyond.
Any idea's on how to solve this? Should i be using a connection defined in the enterprise console??
Any help on this would be great, or a reference to a past post (apologies for not scanning through thoroughly - time constraints)