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Thread: Set data ranges in CCC charts

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    Default Set data ranges in CCC charts

    Hi, is there a way to set the ranges for x and y axis in ccc charts?

    With dynamic axis ranges the users cannot make comparisons between charts.

    I know that I can sort of set the y maximum with "upBound Ortho" property, but is there something similar for the x axis? An extension point maybe?

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    For CCC2, the properties FixedMin and FixedMax can be specified for any cartesian continuous axis (numeric or timeseries).
    In practice, this applies to the base, ortho and ortho2 axes (corresponding to x, y and y2, for vertical chart orientation).

    If you want to fixate discrete axes, base or ortho, you can do so as well.
    You just need to set the chart option ignoreNulls to false, so that all series/categories are shown, whether or not they have null data.
    Then the resultset must have all categories/series, even if having only null data.

    Fixating the range of axes should be avoided. If you want to compare charts side-by-side, you can use the new small multiple charts feature.
    You can control whether continuous axes' scales are coordinated among small charts, through the axes' DomainScope property.
    The default is value 'global', and causes every chart to use the same continuous scales.
    There's a live example of this in > "CCC . CHARTS" > "Bar" > "Small Multiple Bars".

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    Thanks very much. It does work with CCC2.

    Agree, fixating ranges should be avoided. This is a special case in which I have several charts with independent filters.

    Thanks again!

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