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Thread: CDE Open a PDF file from buton component

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    Default CDE Open a PDF file from buton component

    Hi !

    I try to open a PDF file from the buton component. in Javascript part, I put :'MyFile.pdf');

    When it's a file which is on the internet (Google docs) and I put an URL it works, but when I want to open a file which is under pentaho-solutions I don't know how to write the path.
    The file is in the same repository than the dashboard, so I try with "./MyFile.pdf" or "MyFile.pdf" but nothing happen.

    Can anybody tell me which path I have to write ?

    Thanks in advance

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    check out this link:

    I assume that (for linking from inside the PUC) a link like:



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    Try to put in the link ${res:MyFile.pdf}
    Pedro Alves
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    Hi ! Thanks for your answers but it doesn't work.

    @TomS : It opens a new window which display the Home page of Pentaho user-console

    @pmalves : I have already try this because it's how I import CSS file in my dashboard but it seems to doesn't work in that case. I have an HTTP 403 error which tell me that the access to the ressource is forbidden.

    Do you have others ideas ?

    PS : Sorry for my english

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    Hi !

    I juste find an issue to my problem ! Yes, 1 year after my first post... I have to open a PDF file again and I look for an issue again and I find it !

    My javascript line :
    But when I did that, i had a 403 error. That I forgot is in the file /pentaho-solutions/system/pentaho-cdf-dd/settings.xml, I had to put ".pdf" in the "<downloadable-formats>". And after restarts PUC, it works !

    If it can helps somebody...

    PS : It works for pentaho CE 3.7

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