Hi to all
I've just tried to update my bisuite using:
Pentaho BI Server 4.5.0-stable - Download - Release Notes
Report Designer 3.9.0-stable - Download - Release Notes
Pentaho Metadata 4.5.0-stable - Download - Release Notes
Design Studio 4.0.0-stable (No change since 4.0) - Download - Release Note

I've used beyond and compare to merge the configuration files correctly.
Everything seems to work... but an xaction that have to send an email with an attachment sends the email without the attachment.
The file to attach is generated in the right place E:\PATH-TO-ATTACHMENT\ATTACHMENT but the attachment is not added
In the log of pentaho i can't find the line that says "Added file '///E:/PATH-TO-ATTACHMENT/ATTACHMENT' to the mail message" that i can find using the old version.

Can someone help me?