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Thread: Avoid "mdx object not found in cube" without enabling ignoreInvalidMembersDuringQuery

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    Default Avoid "mdx object not found in cube" without enabling ignoreInvalidMembersDuringQuery

    We're using jasperserver 3.5.1 with ancient mondrian. We can't upgrade.

    We need to create 3 olap views based on the same fact table.
    The views are almost identical, having 1 difference: the data for each view must be filtered by the integer database column "status" = 0,1 or 2 respectively.

    The simplest solution is to create a dimention for the DB column "status" and add a different MDX WHERE clause in each olap view:
    WHERE [Status].[0]
    But there's a chance that there will be no records in the table with matching status. In this case instead of an empty view we get the error: "mdx object not found in cube".
    The solution that works is having "ignoreInvalidMembersDuringQuery" enabled, yet, we can't easily control the mondrian settings on the target server.

    I'm looking for a different solution.

    • Use 'FILTER' instead of 'WHERE'. I don't know MDX well enough to write a correct condition. Also, I'm not sure that the condition will be translated into SQL and thus utilize the index on the column "status"
    • Instead of creating a dimention, put the condition into the "Schema/Cube/Table/SQL". This has its own difficulties:
      • We have to create 3 cubes for each olap view, because they have different conditions
      • We have to create 3 separate schemas for each cube, because you can't share same fact table among different cubes

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    I think putting the condition into the Schema SQL as you suggest in your second bullet is the way to go. You could create views in your database that are just aliases to your fact table to get around needing to create 3 separate schemas. You'd still need 3 separate cubes.

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