I am trying to use a username as a parameter to a query that generates the values ​​of a select component which is another parameter to a query that generates a tablet component. I tested using CDA and the queries are OK, but this is not working.

I'm getting the user logged in a text component using:

var username = Dashboards.context.user
return username;


I create a parameter called nome and set the Listeners in the text component to him.

Property Value
Name usuario_picker
Expression function(){ var user (...)
HtmlObject -
Listeners ['usuario']

Type Name
Group Selects
Select Component financeira_picker
Group Generic
Parameter financeira
Parameter usuario
Group Others
table Component tbl_contratos
Export Button Component Exportar
Text Component usuario_picker

Property Value
Name financeira_picker
Parameter financeira
HtmlObject financeira_select
Listeners ['financeira']
Parameters [["usuario","usuario"]]
Datasource get_financeira
Values array []
Value as id True
jQuery Plugin -

Any Help?