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Thread: Bar chart with cylinder style

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    Default Bar chart with cylinder style


    Anyone knows how to create a bar chart with cylinder style using CDE tool?


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    The only way I can think of is using gradients in the fill style:

    bar_fillStyle = 'linear-gradient(to right, green, blue 50%, green 90%)'

    or some variation of this.
    Use "to up" if the chart orientation is horizontal.

    If you want different colors for different series, you can specify a function to the bar_fillStyle, and return a different base color each time. Something like:

    bar_fillStyle: function(){
    var color = this.delegate(); // default series color
    var rgbColor = pv.color(color).rgb();
    return 'linear-gradient(to right, green, #rgba(' + [rgbColor.r, rgbColor.g, rgbColor.b, rgbColor.a].join(',') + ') 50%, green 90%)';

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