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Thread: Barchar X Axis Labels Being Cut Off

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    Default Barchar X Axis Labels Being Cut Off


    I have Pentaho 4.8 and last week downloaded CDF latest from the CTOOLS website and installed it.

    When I render a Bar Chart the labels are cut off, for example:-
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    The red arrow on this picture is pointing at an example of a label that is being cut off. The last 6 or 7 characters are displayed correctly, but any preceding characters are missing. For example the label the arrow is pointing at should say "TRAY ERRECTOR".

    When I view this page through firebug and look at the svg that is rendered, that is the area the green line is pointing to, surely this should be contained completely within the protovis div? As it's not, when inspected in firebug the protovis div starts in line correctly with the title "Example".
    Also if I use firebug to hover over the html element for the label itself I can see that this is cut off :-
    Name:  xaxis_label_svg.png
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    (I am using blueprint - my layout is below)
    <div class="container">
            Example Bar Problem
        <hr />
            Drill by clicking a bar
        <div class="span-24">
            <div id="quarterBarObject"></div>
    I've been trying to work out what I am doing wrong, as this is a well used component so others would have seen this issue before me so I stripped back the MetaLayer definition of the chart to just the following
                width: 800,
                height: 950,
                orientation: "horizontal"
    Along with the call to the CDA file, that's the result that can be seen above.

    This behaviour is the same for all of the bar charts I am using. So far have only used bullets and barcharts, the bullets rendered correctly.

    Thanks alot and sorry for the massive images.


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    If you use the query string arguments: debug=true&debugLevel=16, try, for example in CCC's website: > CCC.CHARTS > BAR, bounding box borders will show up, around panels and also around axes' labels. That will allow us to better understand what's going on there.

    Name:  CCC_Debug_BoxModel.png
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    Thanks for the info, I wasn't too sure how you wanted me to run those so I've tried
    localhost:8080/pentaho/Home?debug=true&debugLevel=16 and navigated through from there which didn't show the bounding box borders, so I then tried

    Which unfortunately doesn't show the boxes either. Am I putting those debug parameters in the correct places for these pages? I tried the CTOOLS link you gave me in the same browser (Firefox 18) and was able to see the boxes.

    Many thanks,


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    Are you using CCCv2, which is only in the DEV branch, or CCCv1, the one in stable/release branch?

    To install CCCv2, update the CTOOLs with the CTOOLS installer, and use the "-b dev" option. You must update CDF, CGG and CDE. You can also use the marketplace and choose the TRUNK version.

    The debug parameters are only available in CCCv2.

    The second url you gave should work with CCCv2 (although I don't know the structure of CDF urls, just those of CDE).
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    I was using CCCv1 from the stable branch. Have now used the installer to update to the CCC2 dev branch and the issue is resolved.

    I hadn't installed this version as it's on the dev branch and am looking to run this in production without too many surprises, is it far off being ready for release?



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    It will probably be released in the next CTOOLS regular release, which (I think) is around 5 weeks from now.

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    Brilliant stuff, can certainly wait that long! By the way really like what you're doing with these charts and the whole look and feel of CTOOLS. Very nice

    Thanks alot for your help.

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