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Thread: CCC2 : how to use the pie_strokeStyle extension point ?

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    Default CCC2 : how to use the pie_strokeStyle extension point ?

    In the first version of CCC, I was using an extension point in a pie chart with the following syntax :
    arg :
    Val :
    That worked fine, I had my pie chart with strokes. But, since I moved to the CCC2 version, that extension point is not working anymore.
    Can you help me in that ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi walez,

    the extension point "pie_" was removed. It is still supported, but only in V1 compatibility mode (when option compatVersion= 1).

    In a nutshell, it has been renamed to "slice_". If you wanna know why, read on.

    There were two reasons for this change. The first is a CCC library wide decision.
    In some chart types, it is possible to super-impose two plots. Remember CCCv1 already had a bar/line combination? What didn't exist was the possibility to specify options for both.
    Basically, most options, if not all, only affected the main plot, the "bar" plot. The "secondAxis" prefixed options handled some of the needs of the "line" plot and there were also some own extension point prefixes for the "line" plot.

    To solve this problem, in CCCv2, we formalized the plot concept. A chart has one or more plots. Each plot in a chart has an id. That id is included, as a prefix, in all its option names and extension point names.
    The first plot is called the "main plot", the others are secondary plots, that are rendered above the main plot.
    Secondary plots share the base axis and, either share the orthogonal axis or have an independent one.

    To ease the typing of option names and help with backward compatibility, the options and extension points of the main plot of a chart may be specified without the plot id prefix.
    So, in the bar/line case, you could have the following options:

    • valuesVisible - show value labels of the "bar" plot?
    • barValuesVisible - the same, using a full name
    • barBarSizeRatio - the space between the Bars of the same category of the "bar" plot
    • barSizeRatio - the same, but using no prefix
    • pointValuesVisible - show value labels of the "point" plot (is it a line, a dot or an area plot? See, that's why we call it point)
    • pointDotsVisible - show dots of the "point" plot?
    • plot2DotsVisible - the same, but using the second plot's "role" prefix, instead of its "id" prefix
    • trendValuesVisible - show value labels of the "trend" plot, another "line/area/dot" plot that can be shown above the bar and line plots ("trend" is its "role" prefix)

    Real confusing right? Now imagine that you didn't use prefixes? And imagine that you couldn't just use general JSON (structured) properties, due to lack of support by the CDE editor.

    But wait, all this only affects the Bar/Line, the Line/Dot/Area, the MetricDot/Line. What does this have to do with the Pie chart, that doesn't even support multiple plots?
    If this is confusing, imagine having some chart types with one naming scheme and others with some other naming scheme...
    So we just opted to apply these plot prefix rules to all revised chart types, whether or not they currently have multiple plots.

    So when addressing the pie chart, whose plot prefix is, naturally, "pie", we had to decide if the names piePie_strokeStyle, and others, would be kept...
    But the "pie" more naturally would extend the whole pie panel or something, not the slices of a pie.
    So we ended up changing these to "pieSlice_strokeStyle", or for friends, as it is the pie chart's main plot, just: "slice_strokeStyle".

    When things like this happen, check out the specific chart type's documentation page. Most likely an equivalent option or extension point exists.
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    That was really helpfull. Thank you for these great explanations !

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