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Thread: Get The series name from a barchart to colour coding

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    Default Get The series name from a barchart to colour coding

    Hi all,
    i have a CCC bar chart and i want to set a color coding on it depending on group (or series) values.
    I have used the extension point and set it as:

    bar_fillStyle function(s,n,v) { if(s==1) return "green"; else return "black" ;}

    p.S: my series are four: 1,2,3,4
    However, it does not work!!!

    Any suggestions is appreciated!


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    Hi marcolino.
    I assume you're using CCCv1.
    The problem is the incorrect extension point signature - the signature you have is that of, for example, the "clickAction".

    The real signature depends on whether the bar chart is stacked or not:

    • Stacked:
      • series index = this.parent.index
      • categ. index = this.index

    • Not-Stacked (grouped)
      • series index = this.index
      • categ. index = this.parent.index

    With these indexes, you can get the corresponding series and/or category values:
    var chart = render_«theNameOfMyCDEChartComponent».chart;
    // When grouped:
    var visibleSeriesIndex = this.index;
    var visibleCategIndex = this.parent.index;
    var seriesValue = chart.dataEngine.getVisibleSeries()[visibleSeriesIndex];
    var categValue = chart.dataEngine.getVisibleSeries()[visibleCategIndex];
    So your extension point could be written as:
    bar_fillStyle: function(){
        var s = render_«theNameOfMyCDEChartComponent».chart.dataEngine.getVisibleSeries()[this.index];
        return s == '1' ? 'green' : 'black';
    By the way, in CCCv2, if you only want to fixate the color of certain series, you have a useful feature: color maps.
    An example:
    colorMap: {
        'Lisbon': 'red',
        'London': 'blue'
    Other series are given colors as usual, from the "colors" property (or from the default color scale).
    This changes both the base colors of visual elements (bars, dots, ...) as well as the corresponding legend items colors.

    If you only want to change the bar color, the code would be:
    bar_fillStyle: function(scene){
        return scene.vars.series.value == '1' ? 'green' : 'black';
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