Dear Kettle friends,
The other week Jens and I were wondering how long it had been since I first started coding the current version of Kettle. So I started a thorough computing forensics investigation leading to the discovery of a backup of the first ever version of Kettle.
The date that comes up from that backup is March 4th, 2003, just about 10 years ago. The development of Kettle started earlier with analyses documents (most probably lost but nothing much was actually lost if you know what I mean) and even a version written in C as that was the main programming language I used back then to get things done.
Java was at mainstream version 1.3 and 1.4 but lots of “Applets” still ran at 1.1 or 1.2, generics didn’t exist, computers had in general 1 CPU, 512MB RAM… and I had a book called something like “Java in 21 days” to teach me how to get going. From there it took another 2 and a half years, lots of re-factoring and lots of help to get to the open sourcing of version 2.2 in December 2005.
While going back to the beginning of Kettle’s history it’s easy to understate the importance of Pentaho. After all, of those 10 years of the current code-base, over 7 have been spent working with the rest of the Pentaho team to build the best data integration tool on the planet. Programming alone is fine but in general you get more things done in a team. It’s absolutely fantastic to see the whole team chip in alongside the community on things like bug fixing, builds, continuous integration, UI, design, plugins, website, forums, JIRA triage, product management, marketing, events, sales, …
Thank you all for making Kettle the awesome tool it is today and the incredible tool that Kettle5 will be.