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Thread: Large and complex report approch

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    I have a huge task of making a complex and huge report (over 20 charts and tables) that consolidates several sectores of the company, the deal is that I only use PRD for more simple tasks like chart/table report... and I didnt notice until now that my space do deploy objects (like charts and tables) was limited to the page size... I mean for a A4 paper I have up to 7,5 so I can plote only about 3 to 4 charts before the page end... Also... each of this objects have its own "source" of information.. like a diff query from several schems and cubes (almost every thing on OLAP) and to acomplish that I use sub-reports... but eve there I cant plote objects without making them go over each other at some point... so... is there a way to acomplish that with PRD or its only for more simples reports? There is documentation (I alredy read about page-breaks and blocks and etc...) about that kind of approch to report (i mean huge number of objs)?

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    Split your one band that contains all your subreports (lets assume it is the report-header) into multiple bands. You can do so by adding empty bands and then moving your elements into these bands (cut & paste). Each band should contain elements that should grow together or which cannot overlap, even when they expand. Usually, that means elements that sit next to each other on the x-axis.

    Finally, make your report header have a layout of "block".

    Block means, all direct children get laid out like paragraphs in a text, one after another, along the y-axis. If one expands its size, it pushes all content that follows downwards.

    You get the same effect when you use banded subreports. These subreports span the whole width of your report and are laid out in an implicit block-context.
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    Hummm, I was doing on a "Group Header" with "banding" and subreports with "block" (on the layout of each band) but the "Group Header" it self wasn't block... so i was not working as it is now (with header as block) I also manage do place a copple charts as canvas at some bands and it work! I will try to improve more the report to see how far I can go... but that solve my problem for now...
    Tnks man!

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