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Thread: Creating Drill Down Bar Chart in CDE

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    Default Creating Drill Down Bar Chart in CDE

    Hello all,
    I want to create a Bar chart in CDE having Drill Down capability. for example if I have clicked on one of the bar then a table should be generated having detail of that bar in another panel of dathboard.

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    That's absolutely possible, you need is to define the clickAction and then do whatever you want with it
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    Exclamation How to define clickable action

    Hello, I dont know how to define click action so can you define more so that I will be able to sort out the problem.

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    Experiment CCCv2 here: > "CCC.CHARTS" > "BAR".

    Add the following code to the JSON definition of any of the bar examples:
    clickAction: function(scene) {
            alert("series = " + scene.vars.series.value + "\ncategory = " + scene.vars.category.value + "\nvalue = " + scene.vars.value.value);
    This one is more sexy:
    clickAction: function(scene) {
        alert(scene.format("series: {series}\ncategory: {category}\nvalue: {value}"));
    This one is more general:
    clickAction: function(scene) {
        var text = [];
        for(var n in scene.vars) {
            var sceneVar = scene.vars[n];
            text.push(n + ": " + JSON.stringify(sceneVar.value) + ' ("' + sceneVar.label + '")');
    In CDE, you have the "clickAction" chart option. There you place only the "function(scene) {..." part.

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